Kennel Wirneen

Laura Lönnberg

040-732 8758

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PAIM3 Wirneen Kaikki Sun Pelkosi ATDds STDc GS-O JS-E RS-N "Kipinä"

Breed: Australian Shepherd

FCI and ASCA registered

Sex: Bitch

Colour: Black with white and tan markings

Born: 1.4.2015

Height: 51cm

Weight: 21kg

Sire: Let´s Talk About Dark Knight STDc OTDds GS-O JS-O RS-N

Dam: FI TVA FI KVA HK3 JK3 EK3 VK2 BH PAIM-E Windedos After Eight OTDds

Eyes clear as puppy
Hips B/A
Elbows 0/0
Back LTV0, VA0
HSF4 clear by parentage
CEA clear by parentage
prcd-PRA clear by parentage
DM clear by parentage
MDR1 normal by parentage

Bred by: Laura Lönnberg

Owner: Laura Lönnberg

Kipinä 6,5 months

Kipinä is quite a package. Her name is a song by Apulanta, Finnish band, and it means "All Your Fears". There are days she is living up that name. The song also says that "you should enjoy this now, this is made by you", so really a song made for me and Kipinä.

Truthfully Kipinä is very nice package. She is reserved to people, some sharpness and guarding instinct. She is very good with puppies and our kids, is very balanced, likes to work and is able to concentrate. She has a good on-off.

Herding is really Kipinä´s special talent. She has good focuse, moves the sheep with good self confidence and keeps naturally nice distance. I really love herding with her. She also uses her nose well in tracking and NoseWork trainings. We have also started some obedience, which has started well. In agility we are still trying to find theco-operation.

I´m eager to find out, how Kipinä will develop and what the future brings for her.