Kennel Wirneen

Laura Lönnberg

040-732 8758

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Wirneen Ilmiliekki "Tintti"

Breed: Australian shepherd

Sex: Bitch

Born: 19.7.2013

Colour: Blue merle with white and tan markings

Height: 51 cm

Weight: 20 kg

Dam: FI TVA FI KVA HK3 EK3 JK3 VK1 BH Windedos After Eight "Nessa" 

Sire: Ch Imagineer´s Get To Know Me CD STDs NJP DNA-CP CGC "Ben"

Breeder: Laura Lönnberg, kennel Wirneen

Hips A/A
Elbows 0/0
Back Vertebral anomaly: normal, lumbosacral transitional vertebra: normal
Shoulders and knees healthy (unofficial)
Full dentition, scissors bite
Eyes clear 10/2015
HSF4: normal
CMR1: normal
MDR1: normal
MyDogDNA tested

Owner: Sari Koivunen

Offspring: Wirneen O-litter

Photo Jenny Söderlund

Tintti according to Sari:

When I was looking for a new puppy, I wanted a balanced Aussie with nerves of steel, who'd also be both human and dog friendly.  When I went to see the I-litter for the first time, I was handed a little blue merle girl, Ihku, and was told that she was the strongest candidate for my new puppy. I had wanted to have another red Aussie (although color doesn't matter…) but already on the drive home I had accepted the fact that the blue merle girl was going to move in with us. Laura didn't change her mind at any point and I can now say that I got everything I asked for in a puppy!

If I had to describe Tintti with only two words they would be greedy and sociable. Any kind of food she is offered (actually not only food per se) has gone down without a hitch. She also likes to give people a thorough face wash if the opportunity is presented to her. The two things she loves the most, people and food, gets combined in search and rescue and consequently Tintti is over the moon when she gets to look for people, be it in the woods, indoors or collapsed buildings. Tintti has been acquainting herself with search and rescue this fall and it all looks very promising. Her nose works, she is very motivated and isn't scared of different surfaces such as slippery floors, wire mesh stairs or dark places. In addition, we have successfully started training in agility. I'm also interested in other dog sports, but we'll see what I have the time and energy for. The most positive trait in Tintti is her surprising calmness, which is probably due to her good nerves. She isn't fidgety but can switch herself into high gear when the need be. So far she has also been quite quiet, which is much appreciated by the people living with Tintti. Additionally, she is rather independent and is happy to find herself something to do if nothing else is going on. Tintti also idolizes our other dog Bonnie and follows her around sometimes a bit too closely. I'm very curious to see how Tintti's character develops as she grows up!