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FI TVA BH Delta River Prairie Rose "Simba"

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Sex: Bitch, neutered

Born: 4.3.2003

Put down: 12.1.2016

Coulour: Red merle with white and tan markings

Height: 48cm

Weight: 17,5kg

Dam: Los Barrancos Java "Java"

Sire: BH Dancing Skies Gambler "Caddy"

Breeders: Nina and Erkka Sarkonen

Elbows 0/0
Hips A/A
Column, knees and soulders healthy
Eyes clear 15.10.2009
Full dentition

Owner: Tiina Lönnberg

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Unfortunately we had to let Simba go after serious injury in January 2016 at almost 13 years of age.

Simba was our first aussies who always will have special place in our minds. With Simba I got to know many dogsports like obedience, agility, tracking and search and rescue. With Simba we compeeted in obedience and agilty. In obedience Simba got her Finnish Obedience Champion title and in agility she got in the highest class. In SAR we didn´t get to competitions because Simba was gunshy.

Simba was happy and active aussie-girl, who was able to relax but is always ready to do something. Simba loved to do agility and catch frisbees. Simba could be quite sensitive both when it comes to people and when it comes to environment.


First when we got our children, everything was ok and Simba was even happy with the kids. When Sara and Eetu got older and the speed increased, Simba got more and more stressed. With the stress increasing, Simba started to do little biting every now and then. That is when we decided that it is better for us all to find calmer home for Simba.


Her last years Simba was a member of our bigger family, she was living with Make´s sister Tiina. Simba was more than happy with her life. She was not even stressed when she is doing short visits at our place with Tiina.


Simba taugh me a lot over the years and made me fall in love with aussies. Big thank you's for Simba and the breeder Nina for all years spend together!