Kennel Wirneen

Laura Lönnberg

040-732 8758

laura.lonnberg @

Wirneen Qinka Qtamolla "Ruuti"

Breed: Australian shepherd

Sex: Bitch

Born: 18.3.2018

Colour: Black with white and tan

Height:  cm

Weight:  kg

Sire: BH PAIM3 Wirneen Hermosaha ATDd OTDs JS-A GS-O RS-O "Hoppu"

Dam: Snowtime´s Bonanza "Hyrrä"

Breeder: Laura Lönnberg

Eyes clear as puppy
CMR1 normal
MDR1 normal
HSF4 normal
MyDogDNA tested
CEA, prcd-PRA and DM clear by parents

Owners: Laura Lönnberg and Jenna Oinonen