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Laura Lönnberg

040-732 8758

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RTK3 RTK2 TK1 (RTK1) Wirneen Huutomerkki "Raiku"

Breed: Australian shepherd

Sex: Bitch

Born: 24.5.2012

Colour: Black with white and tan markings

Height: 48cm

Weight: 15,7kg

Dam: FI TVA FI KVA HK3 EK3 JK3 VK1 BH Windedos After Eight "Nessa" 

Sire: FI TVA FI KVA HK3 EK1 JK1 BH Delta River Buffalo Track "Fresco"

Breeder: Laura Lönnberg, kennel Wirneen

Eyes clear 9.4.2015
Full dentition
Hips: B/B
Elbows: 0/0
Back healthy: SP0, LTV0, VA0
Shoulders and knees clear (unofficial)
HSF4: normal
MDR1: normal
CMR1: normal
MyDogDNA tested
CEA: normal
prcd-PRA: normal
DM (SOD1): normal

Owner: Laura Lönnberg, kennel Wirneen

Living with: Tuuli Mertanen

Raiku is my long awaited second dog and I have high hopes for her. Rai is co-owned by her breeder Laura. We train in obedience, agility, tracking, water rescue and rally-obedience plus every now and then we do a bit of reporting and herding. Raiku has also competed in flyball once and we will start mushing in the near future. 

Raiku is a resilient and fast workaholic. She loves people and greets them with a joyful jump that is aimed at their faces so that Rai can give them a big kiss. She is very keen on food and it's still The Thing. Rai is a clever little Aussie and seems quite balanced. She handles criticism well and doesn't dwell on failures but still readily obeys the rules.  Raiku has an amazing attitude for such a young dog. When she's working she concentrates solely on the job at hand and doesn't get distracted by much. She can be a bit serious at times and could use a bit more patience and self-control when training but part of that is probably due to an equally impatient handler. 

As a working dog, there is no one like Raiku. She always gives her all and never seems to get fed up. Raiku seems incredibly versatile and consequently it's very easy to try new sports with her. So far, she has show aptitude in anything we have tried. As a greedy dog, she is easily motivated by food but she also loves to play and lives for praise. And since she loves to work, the job itself is often a reward in itself.

 Although Raiku is a young and active dog, she knows how to relax on her days off. If we have had several days without training Raiku brings me more toys to play with than normal and pays extra attention to anything I say as if hoping I would mention training. She is very easygoing and undemanding dog at home. She does amuse herself and play by herself at times but mostly she just likes to lie at my feet. 

Just like her name suggests, she really likes the sound of her own voice. She has become a lot quieter with training but tends to bark whenever she's very excited or feels the need to protest. Apart from an excited yip every now and then Raiku is a quiet dog who doesn't make a lot of noise when training or at home.

Raiku has assimilated herself into our pack and she has grown into a great dog. She has yet to encounter a situation she couldn't handle. Her ability to concentrate, her motivation and resilience makes Raiku an extremely pleasant dog to work with. So far, Raiku has met all my expectations and even exceeded them by a mile!

Photo Jenni Peltomäki

Photo Jenni Peltomäki

Mental test
11.10.2014Leena Turunen and Tarja Matsuoi

Function capability +2, good
Sharpness +1, low without lust to attack
Lust to defence +1, low
Lust to fight +2, moderate
Nerve system +1, little restless
Temperament +1, very lively
Hardness +1, little soft
Accessibility +3, kind, accessible, open
Shots/Fear for shots +++, no fear for shots
Total +155

Videos of the character test here:


MH-description 27.7.2013

1a. CONTACT Greeting

4 Makes contact volontarily or when handler makes contact. Is well-balanced.

1b. CONTACT Collaboration

4 Follows willingly. Shows engagement.

1c. CONTACT Handling

4 Accepts, responds with contact behaviour.

2a. PLAY 1 Playfulness

4 Plays actively, starts quickly.

2b. PLAY 1 Grabbing

4 Grabs directly with full mouth.

2c. PLAY 1 Tug-of-war

5 Grabs directly with whole mouth.

3a. CHASE Pursuing

1 Doesn't start.

1 Doesn't start. 

3b. CHASE Grabbing

1 Ignores prey viz. Doesn't run up to the prey.

1 Ignores prey viz. Doesn't run up to the prey.


4Attentive, but slightly anxious. Walks about as time goes by.

5a. DISTANT PLAY Interest

3 Interested, follows the figurant without interruption.

5b. DISTANT PLAY Threats/Aggression

2 Occasional barking and/or growling during first phase.

5c. DISTANT PLAY Curiosity

1 Doesn't approach figurant without help. Uninterested.

5d. DISTANT PLAY Playfulness

1 Shows no interest.

5e. DISTANT PLAY Collaboration

1 Shows no interest.


3 Dodges without turning away gaze.

6b. SURPRISE Threats/Aggression

2 Shows a few threatening behaviours.

6c. SURPRISE Curiosity

2 Approaches when handler squats while talking to the overall and calling the dog.

6d. SURPRISE Remaining fear

1 No tempo change, nor escape attempt.

6e. SURPRISE Remaining interest

2 Stops and sniffs. Looks at the overall on one occasion.


3 Dodges without turning away gaze.


2 Approaches when handler squats and talks to the rattling noise and calling the dog.

7c. NOISE SENSITIVITY Remaining fear

1 No change of tempo, nor dodging.

7d. NOISE SENSITIVITY Remaining interest

1 No interest in the source of noise.

8a. GHOSTS Threats/rancours

2 Shows occasional threatening behaviours.

8b. GHOSTS Control

4 In control acting towards both ghosts. Shorter interruptions.

8c. GHOSTS Fear

5 Escapes longer than the length of the leash. Might seek support from audience or leave the scene.

8d. GHOSTS Curiosity

3 Approaches ghost when handler is beside.

8e. GHOSTS Contact

4 Takes own initiative to contact. Is balanced.

9a. PLAY 2 Playfulness

4 Plays actively, starts quickly.

9b. PLAY 2 Grabbing

4 Grabs directly with whole mouth.


Shows no concern. Fast control and after that totally unconcerned.

Video of the MH-description HERE. Sorry for the poor quality, the videocamera broke down at the worst possible moment.