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Windedos Negrita "Prilla"

Breed: Australian shepherd

Sex: Bitch

Born: 17.8.2011

Colour: Black with white markings

Height: 49cm

Weight: 18kg

Dam: Windedos Nike sphIII "Smita"

Sire: SUCH NUCH SELCH NLCH NAgCH Windedos tomb Raider "Cisco"

Breeders: Lena and Stig Stangvik, kennel Windedos

Eyes clear (2/2014)
Hips A/A
Elbows 0/0
HSF4 genetic test for hereditary cataract normal
CEA genetic test normal
prcd-PRA genetic test normal
CMR1 genetic test normal
MDR1 genetic test normal
MyDogDNA tested

Owner: Eva Bekema


Prilla is out of two great Windedos, Smita and Cisco. Prilla is staying at Eva Bekema and family in Vihti. Including the two masters Eva and John, Prilla has in her family three kids Ester, Max and Oscar.

Prilla is social, happy, curious and brave. When meeting new things and situations she is thinking for a while and then going on with exploring the world.

Prilla is full of speed and drive but in a very relaxed way. She has a nice working on-off. even if Prilla is running full throttle in the yard, she calms in instant when picked up.

Prilla is very social, both towards people and toward other dogs. She is climing to peoples laps and licking their faces, even new people are just friends you haven´t met yet. Prilla is really natural with kids, she just loves them. Sometimes the kids in Prilla´s family get a bit of rough love with Prilla showing her affection with her teeth. Prilla loves to play with other dogs. The older ones Prilla respects.

Prilla loves her tug-of-war and loves to bring back the toys thrown. She is easily motivated both by food and play.

Prilla has started some basic training with Prilla: some obedience, tracking and reporting. the plans for her are at least in obedience and agility, but we will see how far they are going to go with everything they are doing!

Prilla is just the greatest little aussie girl, who has the potential to do everything Eva decides. Thank you Eva of giving her the best home ever and you Lena for sending her to Finland!

Kuva Minna Karjalainen