Kennel Wirneen

Laura Lönnberg

040-732 8758

laura.lonnberg @

Our Dogs

Home at Wirneen kennel lives NESSA (FI TVA FI KVA HK3 EK3 JK3 VK2 BH PAIM-E Windedos After Eight OTDds), Nessa´s son HOPPU (FI AVA-H FI PVA JK2 RTK1 BH Wirneen Hermosaha ATDds STDc JS-E RS-E GS-E) and Nessa´s daughter KIPINÄ (FI PVA Wineen Kaikki Sun Pelkosi ATDds STDc QS-O JS-O RS-N). The newest additions to our pack at home are KOMPPI (PAIM1 Titangus Deoiridh) and Sara´s sheltie NIMBUS.

MERRI (BH Windedos Fire Wire) and SIMBA (FI TVA BH Delta River Prairie Rose) are our angel dogs, looking after us from above.

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