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Celebren Tjena Mannen "Nimbus"

Nimbus 5 months

Breed: Shetland Sheepdog

Sex: Male

DOB: 25.11.2019

Colour: Blue merle



Dam: Celebren Moodie "Riima" 

Sire: FI MVA Nyans Somebody´s Everything "Mezzi"

Breeder: Inka Räsänen, kennel Celebren

Eyes clear as puppy 1/2020
MDR1: carrier
CEA: carrier
DM (SOD1): normal
MyDogDNA tested

Owners: Laura ja Sara Lönnberg

Photo Inka Räsänen

Nimbus is the first dog for Sara. 

Nimbus is a funny, active and playful puppy.

The plans for the future are agilty, rally-obedience and herding.

Thank you Inka!

Nimbus 5 months