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Congratulations to Eija with Kayla (Wirneen Jompsin Kumpsin) and Piritta with Jedi (Wirneen Jokumuumuka) for great results in rallyobedience novice class!

Ilo (TK1 Wirneen Ilopilleri) got her third 1st price in novice class obedience and got herself a new title TK1. Huge congratulations Jenny and Ilo!

Congratulations Marika and Jocke (BH TK1 Wireen Hirmumyrsky) for second 1st price in obedience open class!

Hoppu (BH PAIM-E Wirneen Hermosaha) and Nessa (FI TVA FI KVA HK3 EK3 JK3 VK2 BH PAIM-E Windedos After Eight) passed Herding Working Test with good results. I´m so proud of my skilled shepherds!

Just (Wirneen Just Jetsulleen) passed Herding Instinct Test today, congrats! Just was doing great job at the test.

Ilo (Wirneen Ilopilleri) and Jenny got second first price in novice class of obedience, congratulations! Greatest red siblings.

Priya (Wirneen Ilmalento) and Milli got second first price in novice class of obedience, congratulations!

Warma´s father George (WTCH Tucker Creek´s Oceans Eleven) finished his WTCH title today. Congratulations!

Pihka (BH Wirneen Hetimullekaikkinyt) and Jocke (BH TK1 Wirneen Hirmumyrsky) passed Finnish character test with great points today, congrats Marika and Marika!

Shake (Wirneen Harhalaaki) got his third certifikate in second class of agility and is now competing in the third and highest class! Congrats!

Raiku (RTK4 TK1 Wirneen Huutomerkki) and Tuuli got their third result from rallyobedience master class and new title RTK4! Congratulations!

Arthur (Drovers Road Rodeo Bull) was officially x-rayed today. Preliminary results look very nice. Now we are waiting for the official results.

Warma (Let´s Talk About I am Soldeir) arrived to Finland. He is the newest addition to Wirneen gang and is going to live with Maria. Thank you Susanne and Maria for this  possibility!

Tuuli and Raiku got their second results from master class of rallyobedience. Congratulations!

Happy 1st Birthday Arthur (Drovers Road Rodeo Bull)!

Gatsby got his third result in rallyobedience novice class and a new title RTK1. Congratulations Katariina and Gatsby (RTK1 Wirneen Ikiliikkuja)!

Maija and Nauru ran their second clean run in 1 class of agility, one more to go! Congrats!

Photo: Best Friend Finland

Raiku (RTK2 RTK3 TK1 Wirneen Huutomerkki) and tuuli first time in master class of rallyobedience, as a result qualification. Congrats!

Hoppu (BH Wirneen Hermosaha), Raiku (RTK2 RTK3 TK1 Wirneen Huutomerkki) and Ilo (Wirneen Ilopilleri) have officially healthy eyes.

Wirneen K-pentue is born. More about the pups on their own pagethe blog and photopages. All pups are reserved.

Jäynä (Wirneen Jäätävä Jäynä) was chosen to be the dog of Best Friend Gear year 2015! Congrats! This means he gets to be the face in Best Friend commercials, so we can see the famiar frecked face in stories all over Finland.


Rallyobedience congratulations to Tuuli and Raiku (RTK2 RTK3 TK1 Wirneen Huutomerkki), they qualified in winner class and Raiku got new title RTK3 in front of her name. Great job girls!


Hoppu (BH Wirneen Hermosaha) did first price in winner class of obedience, great! Next stop elite class.

Nauru (Windedos Amaretti) Did first price in open class of obedience, way to go Maija and Nauru!


Genetic test results arrived for Ilo (Wirneen Ilopilleri). She is CEA, prcd-PRA and DM clear! Puppy plans for summer 2016 can continue :).


Hoppu (BH Wirneen Hermosaha) did his third clean run in 1-class and moved up to 2-class. On his second run he again did clean run! Two more to go until the highest class... He is amazing!


Congrats Ilo (Wirneen Ilopilleri) and Jenny, great first price with points 178,5 in obedience novice class! Great way to start obedience career! 


Congrats Pihka (BH Wirneen Hetimullekaikkinyt) and Marika, first price in obedience winner class. This means they have doors open for elite class. Great work!

Congrats Gatsby (Wirneen Ikiliikkuja) and Katariina, great result 88/100 points in novice class of rallyobedience!

Simba (FI TVA BH Delta River Prairie Rose) is turning 12 years today, congratulations! Simba is my first aussie and the reason I have and I breed aussies today. Thank you Simba!


Congratulations Milli and Priya (Wirneen Ilmalento) great competition start in obedience, first price! 170 points and winning the class. Wonderful!

PUPPIES!! Nessa is pregnant, yeah! At least four Wirneen K-pups were seen today for the first time with ultrasound.

Minna and Nova (RTK3 RTK2 TK1 Wirneen Hukkapala) entered rallyobedience competition today. They did great job, good result and new title RTK3 for Nova. Congratulations! Next stop master class :).

Agilitycongratulations to Maija and Nauru (Windedos Amaretti), second official competition and first clean run! Way to go!

Wirneen K-litter expected in the beginning of April. Nessa is bred with Knight (Let´s Talk About Dark Knight STDs DNA-VP).

Tuuli ja Raiku (RTK2 TK1 Wirneen Huutomerkki) did great job in winner class of rallyobedience, second qualification in winner class! Congrats, you are such a great team!

Hoppu (BH Wirneen Hermosaha) did great in his second official agility competition: two clean runs! He is such a nice agility dog!

Issi (Wirneen Irtiotto) got her x-ray results back from Swedish Kennel Club: hips B, elbows 0. Great results! Congratulations Nina and Lena!

Nessa (FI TVA FI KVA HK3 EK3 JK3 VK2 BH Windedos After Eight) started her heat, exciting times ahead. Wirneen K-litter is planned from the crossing Nessa x Knight (Let´s Talk About Dark Knight). More about the litter coming up.

Good genetic test result news today. Nessa (FI TVA FI KVA HK3 EK3 JK3 VK2 BH Windedos After Eight) and Hoppu (BH Wirneen Hermosaha) are both CEA, DM and prcd-PRA healthy. Ilo (Wirneen Ilopilleri) got her MyDogDNA results: HSF4, CMR1 and MDR1 healthy. Great!

Congratulations Marika and Jocke (BH TK1 Wirneen Hirmumyrsky) first price in open class obedience! Great work!

Official health results arrived for Hyrrä (Snowtime´s Bonanza). Hips A/A, elbows 0/0, vertebral anomaly normal but small change in lumbosacral area, divided median crest (LTV1). Hyrrä and Jenna can now keep doing all the sports they have started!

Merry Christmas...

...and happy New Year 2015!

Official back results arrived for Hoppu and Raiku, both heathy! Great!


Hyrrä (Snowtime´s Bonanza) 1 year old today! Congratulations! To celebrate her birthday the official x-rays were tken. And preliminary everything looks good. So happy! Now we are just waiting fot the official opinion.

Siblings Hoppu (Wirneen Hermosaha) and Raiku (Wirneen Huutomerkki) were x-rayed today for official back results. Preliminary everything looks good, now we are just waiting for the official statement.

Pihka (Wirneen Hetimullekaikkinyt) got her official back results back from Finnish Kennel Club: her back is totally healthy! Great!

Mh-description for I-litter in Sweden. Four out of six puppies entered, Issi (Wirneen Irtiotto), Tintti (Wirneen Ilmiliekki), Ilo (Wirneen Ilopilleri) and Ihme (Wirneen Ihmejakumma). All passed their description, were not afraid of gunshots, played nicely and reverted well after all episodes. I´m again so proud of them all! Thank you all!

Congrats for new title RTK2 Tuuli and Raiku (RTK2 TK1 (RTK1) Wirneen Huutomerkki)! Third result from open class and now they are heading for the winner class. Amazing!
Rallyobedience congrats also to Katariina and Gatsby (Wirneen Ikiliikkuja) great points 197/200 from unofficial trial. Congratulations!

Great Wirneen weekend continues. Shake (Wirneen Harhalaaki) and Marjo did their first 0-result with win in agility second class. Congrats!

Congrats for new title RTK2 Tuuli and Raiku (RTK2 TK1 (RTK1) Wirneen Huutomerkki)! Third result from open class and now they are heading for the winner class. Amazing!

Amazing Wirneen day today! Minna and Nova (Wirneen Hukkapala) passed the basic test in rescue search and are now a step closer to Minna´s dream, Nova working as a rescue dog. Huge congratulations!
Hoppu (Wirneen Hermosaha) and Raiku (Wirneen Huutomerkki) passed character test today with good points. Amazing, skilled H-puppies!

Hoppu (Wirneen Hermosaha) entered a behaviour test today, as a result new title BH for Hoppu. He was great!

First price in open class obedience for Hoppu (Wirneen Hermosaha). Next stop winner class.

Nessa (Windedos After Eight) and her pups Raiku and Nova entered rallyobedience competition today. The competition was the Championship of Australian Shepherd club. Raiku was the best aussie in open class with 96/100 points and Nessa the best aussie in novice class with 97/100 points. Great ralyobedience aussies!


Kaya (Tenth Creek Ranch Rory/WTCH JJ Kaya OFTDs GS-E JS-E RS-O) father of J-litter and Laura did it today! He is now WTCH! Huge congrats, you are amazing!

Tuuli and Raiku (TK1 (RTK1) Wirneen Huutomerkki) did rallyobedience in open class today. 92/100 points and 3rd place. Congratulations!


Minna and Nova (TK1 RTK2 Wirneen Hukkapala) entered Finnish Championship competition in rallyobedience. 90/100 points and 4th place in winner class. Huge congrats!


Nova (TK1 RTK2 Wirneen Hukkapala) won the australian shepherd club championship in open class obedience! Congrats Minna and Nova!


The J-puppies are flying out of the nest. All the best to Maggie, Melli, Kayla, Jippi, Nox and Jäynä and families!
Gatsby (Wirneen Ikiliikkuja) and Katariina in their first official rallyobedience competition today. Great work and first price, congratulations!
Nova (Wirneen Hukkapala) and Minna competed in rallyobedience also today. Also great work, first price in open class and new title RTK2. Huge congratulations, you are amazing!

(The English have not been updated for a while, sorry!)


Wirneen H-litter 2 years old today. Congratulations Pihka, Hoppu, Jocke, Shake, Nova and Raiku! The first, one of a kind and amazing Wirneen litter.

Special congrats to Marika and Jocke (Wirneen Hirmumyrsky) for a new title TK1!


Wirneen J-litter is born! More about the litter on puppy pages and puppy-blog.


First official rally obedience result for Wirneen offspring: first price from open class for Minna and Nova (Wirneen Hukkapala). Congratulations!


BH Pihka (Wirneen Hetimullekaikkinyt)! Congratulations Marika and Pihka, they passed the BH test today!

We did some search training with Wirneen gang today. It was so much fun seeing so many talented dogs!


Nessa competed reporting today and got a title from open class VK2. Super-Mom!


Congratulations Maija and Nauru (Windedod Amaretti), third first price in rally obedience, novice class and the title RTK1 for Nauru! 


Prilla is pregnant! Great! Little Wirneen-pups expected around May 19th.


Nessa´s official back results arrived today: almost 7 years old and back totally healthy. Happy!


Nova (Wirneen Hukkapala) and Minna in rallyobedience competition today. Perfect scores 100/100 and new (unofficial) title for Nova RTK1. Congratulations!


Prilla (Windedos Negrita) got her MyDogDNA results: no genetic illnesses, total health score 114 and genetic diversity 35,1. Wonderful results!


Wirneen J-puppies are on their way! Prilla (Windedos Negrita) and Kaya (Tenth Creek Ranch Rory) puppies are expected in May.


Pihka (Wirneen Hetimullekaikkinyt) and Marika got 1st price today in obedience open class. Congratulation, you are great!


Nessa´s (Windedos After Eight) back was x-rayed today for official results. Her back was unofficially healthy, now we are jut waiting for the official results.

Naru (Windedos Amaretti) got finally her MyDogDNA results. Nauru is MDR1 carrier and therefore the total health score is 79. Genetic diversity well above breed average 34%. Thank you Maija for testing Nauru!


Prilla (Windedos Negrita) got her eyes examined today and they were healthy. So happy!


Jocke (Wirneen Hirmumyrsky) got his MyDogDNA results today: total health index 110, no genetic disorders and genetic diversity 33, above breed average. Great results! Thank you Marika for testing!


Nauru (Windedos Amaretti) got her official back results from Kennel Club: vertebral anomaly normal, lumbosacral transitional vertebrae normal. Expected and great results!


Maija and Nauru (Windedos Amaretti) had a great weekend: on Saturday qualification in novice class rallyobedience and on Sunday 1st price in obedience novice class. Congratulations! You are the greatest!


New addition to Wirneen gang: co-own puppy Hyrrä (Snowtime´s Bonanza). Hyrrä is living with Jenna in Helsinkinki. Congratulations Jenna!


More great genetic test news: MyDogDNA results arrived for Nova (Wirneen Hukkapala) and Ihme (Wirneen Ihmejakumma) and were more than nice. Genetic heath score 113 and genetic diversity over 34, well above breed average for both. Congratulations and thank you for testing your dogs!


Prilla´s genetic test results arrived: CEA and prcd-PRA normal! Great! We are having puppy plans for next spring.


Congratulation on 6 month birthday Gatsby, Tintti, Priya, Ilo, Ihme and Issi!


Results from dog show today: Hoppu (Wirneen Hermosaha) Good, Nova (Wirneen Hukkapala) Excellent and Raiku (Wirneen Huutomerkki) Sufficient. The boys now have what they want from dog shows, but Raiku still has to enter more shows. Thank you all and congratulations Minna!


More Nauru news: official results came, hips A/A and elbows 0/0. We are more than happy!


Nauru (Windedos Amaretti) was officially x-rayed today. Hips, elbows and back all seemed to be healthy. Waiting for official results. In addition to these knees and shoulders were examined unofficially and were healthy. Congratulations Maija for healthy Nauru!


Congratulations Nauru (Windedos Amaretti) on your 1st birthday!

Ilo, photo Jenny Söderlund


Happy New Year 2014!

We are starting the new year with updated websites, updates here and there. Thank you all for helping me: Jenny, Minna and Tuuli for the photos, owners for the new introductions, Maija for the new banner and special thank you Katariina for helping me with translations!


The year 213 has been great:
H-puppies have been x-rayed healthy, they have done their MH descriptions and almost all have started their official competitions.
I-puppies were born and they have shown themselves to being very nice youngsters.
Wirneen gand is great and active, I´m so proud of you all! TANK YOU!

I´m looking forward to next active Wirneen year 2014!



Wirneen aussies entered the Nordic Winner 2013 happening - ut not in the showering. Raiku, Jocke and Nessa did flyball in the big arena and did great! We had so much fun!


Wirneen dogs have entered the genetic testing by MyDogDNA. We already have the results fot Nessa (windedos After Eight), Hoppu (Wirneen Hermosaha), Tintti (Wirneen Ilmiliekki) and Gatsby (Wirneen Ikiliikkuja). We are still waiting for the results for Nova, Raiku, Pihka, Nauru and Shake. So far the resultshave been nice: the overall genets health as well as genetic diversity have been above average. Thank you all for testing your dogs!



Wirneen obedience day with great people, great dogs and great teacher Toni. Thank you all for coming!


Minna and Nova competing again, this time rally obedience. Great result with 98/100 points. Congratulations!


Nova got his first title today and is now called TK1 Wirneen Hukkapala. Congratulatulations!


Maija and Nauru (Windedos Amaretti) started their compatitions career today with rally obedience. They did great and passed their class. Nice work! Congratulatons!

Lena and Issi


Pihka (Wirneen Hetimullekaikkinyt) and Marika entered ther first obedience competition today. Pihka did great and got first price. Jocke (Wirneen Hirmumyrsky) enterd obedience competition as well and got first price as well. Well done! Conratulations!

Hoppu (Wirneen Hermosaha), Raiku (Wirneen Huutomwerkki) and Pihka (Wirneen Hetimullekaikkinyt) got teir eyes officialy examined. Healthy eyes, happy breeder and happy owners. Nice!


Wirneen search training. The dogs did great and it was very nice to see all. Thank you for coming!


Nova enered his firts rally obedience competition today. Nice work, 94/100 points and passed. Nice work Minna, nice work Nova! 


Wirneen agility day with the agility instructor Niina-Liina Linna. Many Wirneen puppies and owners gathered together. So nice to meet you all!

The last puppy left us today when Issi moved to Sweden to live with Nina with Lena having the breeding rights. Lycka till!



Ihme (Wirneen Ihmejakumma) moved today to her new home in Joensuu. Congratulations Soile, Ile and Anni! Good luck!


TK1 Wirneen Huutomerkki! Raiku got her 3rd first price from obedience novice class and got the title TK1. Congratulations Tuuli and Raiku!

Milli and Priya


Wirneen H-puppies (Hoppu, Jocke, Nova, Raiku and Pihka) and Prilla entered a dog show today. The judge didn´t appreciate our kind of dogs, so the results were not good. Well, we had fun anyway! Thank you all for coming!


Puppies are continuing moving to their new homes: today left Priya (Wirneen Ilmalento) and Tintti (Wirneen Ilmiliekki). Have good times together Milli with Priya and Sari with Tintti!


Raiku (Wirneen Huutomerkki) competed obedience today with Tuuli. They did great, 186/200 points, 1st price and place 1/8! Congratulations!



Ilo (Wirneen Ilopilleri) and Gatsby (Wirneen Ikiliikkuja) moved to their new homes today. Ilo moved to Tampere with Jenny and family. Gasby moved to Hollola with Katariina and two older dogs. Wish you all well!


Jocke (wirneen Hirmimyrsky) and Marika competed in novice class obedience and got 1st price! Congratulations to both!


Wirneen I-puppies had their eyes checked today. All had healthy eyes.

1.9 2013

Raiku (Wirneen Huutomerkki) and Hoppu (Wirneen Hermosaha) entered obedience competitions novice class with good result today. Raiku 1st price with 166,5 points and Hoppu 1st price with 179 points. Skilled little pups!


Pihka (Wirneen Hetimullekaikkinyt) visited dog show and got the quality grading very good. Congratulations Marika and beautiful Pihka!


MH-mental description for the H-litter in Sweden. Five of six puppies, Hoppu, Jocke, Nova, Pihka and Raiku, were able to enter the test and they all passed MH.


PUPPIES! Wirneen I-puppies are here! 5 girls, 1 boy. Nessa and the puppies are doing great.


Shake (Wirneen Harhalaaki) got his official scores from the Kennel Club: hips B/B, elbows 0/0. So great! Now all Wirneen H-puppies have officially healthy bones!


X-ray showed 6-7 puppies growing in Nessa´s belly. Two more weeks to go until the little I-puppies are born.


More official results: Jocke (Wirneen Hirmumyrsky) hips B/B, elbows 0/0. Great!


First official results of Wirneen H-litter: Hoppu (Wirneen Hermosaha) hips B/A, elbows 0/0, Raiku (Wirneen Huutomerkki) hips B/B, elbows 0/0, Pihka (Wirneen Hetimullekaikkinyt) hips B/A, elbows 0/0 and Nova (Wirneen Hukkapala) hips B/B, elbows 0/0. More than happy!


Great puppy-news! I counted 6-7 little ones in Nessa´s tummy today. Waiting for little Ben x Nessa puppies!



Nova (Wirneen Hukkapala) and Minna competed in obedience with nice results, first price and second place. Huge congratulations!

Shake (Wirneen Harhalaaki) was x-rayed today. Everything else was looking good, but there was very slight change in one of the elbows. Waiting for the official evaluation. Now the hole litter is examined, thank you for the active owners!

The first Wirneen agilitytraining in Espoo by Niina-Liina Linna. Prilla (Windedos Negrita), Shake, Pihka, Raiku and Hoppu were there to learn, and we learned a lot. Nauru (Windedos Amaretti) was also there, but didn´t do agility yet. It was so nice to see her also. Thank you all, we had so much fun!



Tuuli and Raiku (Wirneen Huutomerkki) competed two round of rallyobedience today. Raiku got 96/100 points from both runs. She now has moved up in classes and has the title RTK1! Congratulations, you are so skilled!



Nessa in her first ultrasound. It seems like we are going to have puppies!

Hoppu, Shake and Raiku 8 weeks


HSF4 genetic test for hereditary cataract was tested normal for Prilla (Windedos Negrita). Great!


Bone x-ray day for Wirneen H-puppies. Five of the six (Pihka, Hoppu, Jocke, Nova and Raiku) had their hips, elbows, shoulders, knees and backs x-rayed. The preliminary results are good, all seem to have healthy bones! Now we are waiting for the official results.


Wirneen H-puppies 1 years old! Big congratulations to the greatest: Pihka, Hoppu, Jocke, Shake, Nova and Raiku!



Nessa (FI TVA FI KVA HK3 EK3 JK3 VK1 BH Windedos After Eight) was inseminated with Ben (Ch Imagineer's Get To Know Me CD STDs NPJ DNA-CP CGC) today. The I-litter is due to the end of July! Youcan read the latest news about the puppies in  the blof of I-litter.


Tuuli and Raiku (Wirneen Huutomerkki) started their competition career today with rallyobedience. Raiku did very well and got 88/100 points. Congratulations!

The first result from official competition for Wirneen puppy today. Minna and Nova (Wirneen Hukkapala) competed obedience in novice class and got 1st price with 177 points. They are amazing!



Minna and Nova (Wirneen Hukkapala) competed the first time ever, in an unofficial obedience trial. They did great, 188,5 points out of 200 and 1st place! Congratulations to this great team!


Marjo and Shake (Wirneen Harhalaaki) competed unofficial agility. They did clean run and won their class! Good work and congratulations!


Nauru (Windedos Amaretti) arrived to Finland! Nauru is co-owned by Maija Piippo. Thank you Lena for this amazing little girl!

Prilla (Windedos Negrita) and Nessa (Windedos After Eight) got their eyes officially checked clear.

Prilla (Windedos Negrita) got her official results from Kennel Club: hips A/A and elbows 0/0.

1.1.2013 Happy New Year!