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(RTK1) Windedos Amaretti "Nauru"

Breed: Australian shepherd

Sex: Bitch

Born: 5.1.2013

Colour: Blue merle with White and tan markings

Hight: 55 cm

Weight: 22 kg

Dam: Windedos Nike sph III "Smita"

Sire: SEVCH KORAD Blue Wingfire´s Marble Cake sphII "Marre"

Breeders: Lena and Stig Stangvik, kennel Windedos

HSF4 healthy
MDR1 carrier
CMR1 healthy
CEA healthy
prcd-PRA healthy
DM healthy
MyDogDNA tested
Hips A/A
Elbows 0/0
Back: vertebral anomaly normal, lumbosacral transitional vertebrae normal
Elbowns and knees healthy (unofficial)
Full dentition, scissors bite
Eyes clear 5/2015

Owner: Maija Piippo

Offspring: Wirneen M-litter

Nauru is my co-own puppy from Sweden, kennel Windedos. She is half sister to Prilla, mother of Wirneen J-litter. Nauru is living in Vantaa with Maija Piippo.

Nauru has nice and correct conformation, but she is a bit big to be a bitch. Nauru has been healthy and all health tests hae gien good results. She has healthy eyes, healthy bones and genetically she is CEA, prcd-PRA, DM, CMR1 and HSF4 healthy. Only MDR1 carrier.

Nauru is balanced and social. It is easy to travel, do dogsports and compete with.

Nauru is doing agility, obedience and freestyle at the moment. She sometimes does tracking and search as well. Nauru has a lot of potential in tracking, she uses her nose naturally very well. Nauru loves to play and loves her food as well.

Nauru according to Maija: 

From the very beginning I have been completely enthralled by Nauru. I have never found her appearances exceedingly breathtaking l but I have grown to regard that ever growing rascal as rather beautiful after all. Nevertheless, it's her personality that has blinded me time after time. Nauru is perhaps the most balanced being I have ever come across. She adjusts to any environment and to anything; she doesn't get stressed by noises, different surfaces, new people or dogs. When she was only a four-month-old little ball of fur, Nauru calmly navigated her way in a busy market place. She didn't even get fazed by a huge hoard of balloons that harassed her and her owner, who in turn tried to fend off said attackers with fervor.  

From an early age, Nauru proved that she was a part terrier. She can be very loud when necessary (and even if it's not all that necessary) and isn't afraid to assert her opinion on things. When I handle her, she submits to her fate, but, for example, when her co-owner tried to have a look at Nauru's sore tooth, she fought back dramatically and caused a bloody racket. I find it rather bewildering that a dog can be simultaneously extremely meek and yet again so assertive and pushy. Nauru submits to other dogs without exception: she wags her tail and licks at their lips. However, she also packs an attitude and isn't afraid to push her limits and test the rules. Nauru is a true drama queen!  

As a working dog, Nauru is amazing. She learns things incredibly fast, is resourceful and highly motivated to get the job done. She is both very greedy and loves to play so it's very easy to reward her; it doesn't matter if you happen to be holding a treat,  a leash or a pine cone. Nauru has tried different dog sports and loved them all and I believe she could do anything I wanted her to do. At the moment we train in obedience, agility and tracking but I have grown more and more interested in searching and every now and then we'll have a go with herding.

Character test 16.8.2015
Lea Yli-Suvanto and Tuija Juselius

Function capability +1a, quite small
Sharpness +1, shows no sharpness
Lust to defence +3, moderate
Lust to fight +2a, moderate
Nerve system +1, little restless
Temperament +3, lively
Hardness +1, little soft
Accessibility +3, kind, accessible, open
Shots/Fear for shots +++, no fear for shots
Total +172

Video of the test