Kennel Wirneen

Laura Lönnberg

040-732 8758

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Welcome to Kennel Wirneen!

The person behind kennel Wirneen is me, Laura. I live in Nurmijärvi, southern Finland with my family. Dogs are big part of my life as family members, as my hobby and as my work. Breeding has been my future plan, wish and goal for many years. And finally the dream has become true!

The goal of my breeding is to produce sound and healthy dogs both physically and mentally to do all kind of work. I´m aiming for versatily working aussies, aussies at their really best. The first Wirneen litter was born in May 2012. Ower the years more Wirneen litters have arrived and there are many great Wirneen dogs leading active life. Thank you all wonderful owners!

At home we have four dogs: Nessa, Nessa´s son Hoppu, Nessa´s daughter Kipinä and our newest addition Komppi. In addition to the dogs at home, I have many bitches and one male co-owned in their own active homes. More of our dogs on their own pages.

Welcome to Wirneen and please visit again soon, I´m trying to update pages whenever I can. If you are interested in my breeding or you have any questions, feel free to contact me.