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Co-owned dogs

My dogs are mainly family members and my buddies in different hobbies, so the number of the dogs is very limited. To be able to breed, I´m thankful of all wonderful co-own homes in which my co-own dogs are living. Thank you!

I have nine co-own dogs. NAURU (Windedos Amaretti) living in Vantaa with Maija. From I-litter ILO (Wirneen Ilopilleri) living in Tampere and TINTTI (Wirneen Ilmiliekki) living in Turku with Sari. HYRRÄ (Snowtime´s Bonanza) living with Jenna in Vantaa. From J-litter JIPPI (Wirneen Jippijaijee) living in Helsinki with Noora and MAGGIE (Wirneen Johan Pomppas) living with her mother Prilla and Eva in Vihti. I also have two co-own males: ARTHUR (Drovers Road Rodeo Bull) from the Netherlands living with Saila in Tampere and WARMA from Austria living with Maria. The newest addition to the group is RIEMU (Wirneen Liiankin Liekehtivä) from L-litter.

PRILLA (Windedos Negrita) is owned by Eva and living in Vihti after Wirneen J-litter. RAIKU (RTK4 TK1 Wirneen Huutomerkki) is now owned by Tuuli in Vantaa after Wirneen L-litter.