Kennel Wirneen

Laura Lönnberg

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Co-owned dogs

My dogs are mainly family members and my buddies in different hobbies, so the number of the dogs is very limited. To be able to breed, I´m thankful of all wonderful co-own homes in which my co-own dogs are living. Thank you!

Co-owned bitches:
RIEMU (Wirneen Liiankin Liekehtivä)
HUPI (Wirneen Niin On Nätti)
PIKA (Wirneen Pikapikaa Putkeen)
PILKE (Wirneen Poikkeuksellinen Pilailija)
VIUHU (Wirneen Ootas Kun Näät)
HELPPO (Wirneen Qriton Qllannuppu)
RUUTI(Wirneen Qinka Qtamolla)
JUKRA (Wirneen Rokkaava Rytmi)

Co-owned male:
WARMA (Let´s Talk About I Am Soldier)

Co-owned bitches I have litters from:
PRILLA (Windedos Negrita) J-litter and P-litter 
RAIKU (Wirneen Huutomerkki) L-litter
NAURU (Windedos Amaretti) M-litter
ILO (Wirneen Ilopilleri) N-litter
TINTTI (Wirneen Ilmiliekki) O-litter
HYRRÄ (Snowtime´s Bonanza) Q-litter
MAGGIE (Wirneen Johan Pomppas) R-litter