Kennel Wirneen

Laura Lönnberg

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Co-owned dogs

My dogs are mainly family members and my buddies in different hobbies, so the number of the dogs is very limited. To be able to breed, I´m thankful of all wonderful co-own homes in which my co-own dogs are living. Thank you!

Co-owned bitches:
VIUHU (Wirneen Ootas Kun Näät)
RUUTI (Wirneen Qinka Qtamolla)
JUKRA (Wirneen Rokkaava Rytmi)
SISSI (Wirneen Syypää Sun Waloon)
FRIDA (Titangus Carn Na Tuirc)

Co-owned male:
WARMA (Let´s Talk About I Am Soldier)

Co-owned bitches I have litters from:
PRILLA (Windedos Negrita) J-litter and P-litter 
RAIKU (Wirneen Huutomerkki) L-litter
NAURU (Windedos Amaretti) M-litter
ILO (Wirneen Ilopilleri) N-litter and S-litter
TINTTI (Wirneen Ilmiliekki) O-litter
HYRRÄ (Snowtime´s Bonanza) Q-litter
MAGGIE (Wirneen Johan Pomppas) R-litter

Leasing bitch I have litter from:
LYSTI (Wirneen Lystikäs Lipsuttaja) T-litter