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The Wirneen gang

Behind the Wirneen kennel name you can find me, Laura. I´m a bit over 30 years old vet, active in different kinds of dogsports. Dogs are my hobby, my work and part of my family. My family lives in Southern Finland, in the Northern part of Nurmijärvi city, in little village called Röykkä.

In addition to dogs our family includes my husband Make and our two children, Sara (born 06) and Eetu (born 07). Sara is growing up to be a true dog lover, my friends in dog trainings have already seen many similarities in the actions of the mother and the daughter. Eetu and Make are more focused on music and sports. Make has taken the photographic responsibility of our dogs, so most of the great photos in Wirneen pages are taken by Make.

I have practically been interested in dogsports since I learned how to read. Unfortunately I had only the change to dogsports in theory since we got our first own apartment with Make. We got our first dog in 2001. She was a Labrador retriever Belle and not exactly entirely ours, she was a dog from the Finnish Guide Dog School For The Blind and visiting us for little less than two years to grow up. Belle became professional guide dog in 2003. The dream of my truly own dog became true in May 2003, when out first aussie Simba moved to live with us. I had already started some dogsports with Belle but Simba continued to teach me the tricks of being a true dogsport enthusiast. Simba has shown me what aussie can do, how versatily aussie can work and how big is the aussie heart for working. Simba has made me truly fall in love with this corgeous breed and it seems that the love for the breed just carries on. On the way I have met lots and lots of great aussie persons. The biggest of them all for me is Nessa, my perfect hard working sportsdog. More of our dogs on their own pages.

So, in theory I started dogsports yers ago, but in reality I started them in practice already with Belle. With belle we had our restrictions made by the Guide Dog School, so we focudes on obedience. Simba has been my great embassador in almost all dogsports, we did actively obedience, agility and search. Simba also did some tracking, reporting, herding and flyball. With Nessa we have even tried some water rescue. So we have tried quite a lot of things. I love trying new stuff with my dogs and actively doing many things, not just focusing on one or two things. I love to see, how the dog figures out new things and to see, how fast they really learn when you know how to train them. Nessa was doing actively search, obedience, reporting and agility. With Hoppu we have trained tracking, obedience, rally-obedience, agility and herding. Kipinä has been doing mostly herding and agility. Herding is my big passion at the moment and has taken lot of time from other dogsports.

I have had many good dogs and together we have accomplished Obedience Champion with Simba and Nessa, basic rescue tests at the ruins with Nessa and Merri, Working Champion in search with Nessa, title in novice class in reporting with Nessa, title in winners class in tracking with Nessa, title in winners class in special search with Nessa and many zero runs in the highest class of agility including one certificate with Nessa. With Nessa, Hoppu and Kipinä we have made nw titles in ASCA and FCI herding. The accomplishments are important, cause they tell you that the work has paid off. But they are not nearly as important for me as it is to be able to enjoy the dog´s companion on every day. Nothing for me is more important than the fact that it is a joy to live with the dog you have. All of our dogs have been mental tested: Simba, Nessa, Hoppu and Kipinä both by the Finnish Mental Test as well as Mental Description (MH), Merri by MH Description. The test doesn´t make or break the dog, but it sure gives us more information about the dog under rare circumstances.

Breeding aussies has been my dream and goal for years. There have been many difficulties on my way and that is why I have truly waited for the first Wirneen litter to arrive, even too long if you ask me. First Wirneen litter was born May 2012 and by the summer 2018 there are already 70 happy Wirneen puppies in the world. Thank you so much all active owners for giving wonderful life for by pups! I do have more puppy plans for the future. I´m interested in breeding because I want to be a part of the development of aussie as a breed on my own little part. I feel very strongly about aussie being a working dog first, in working aussie can show the best of its self. Cherishing the working quality has turned aussie out to be the breed we value. In breeding we should focus on keeping the breed healthy, genetically, physically and mentally. Aussie should be a moderate, agile and well-balanced package, ready to do all kinds of work asked. My ideal aussie loves to work with people, is social, can relax in different kind of situations, is balanced, cabable of function in all situations and has a good sense of humor.

Health is for me an important criteria in breeding. I see daily the consequences of breeding at its worse as a vet, sick dogs and their worried owners. Thankfully we still have a good health situation in the aussie population. The only way to keep our breed as healthy as possible is to keep the health criteria high and to be open in all health problems.

The dogs are more to me than my hobby. They are my life. I´m hoping that the future Wirneen puppies are going to be as great companions, workers and family members than the aussies I have had the privilege to meet.